Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Political Correctness-Let's Have A Laugh

There's nothing better than seeing the self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier than thou come a right cropper. Recently there have been two great examples in Paul Elliott, ex-footballer, and the Lib Dems, personified by Lord Rennard.

For years the Lib Dems have bored real people rigid whining on about equality and other politically correct claptrap. Now they are embroiled in a dirty old man saga with four women claiming Lord Rennard, a Lib Dem peer, acted 'inappropriately'. Inappropriate seems to me to be one of those euphemisms so fond of the politically correct, meaning behaviour that they don't like, but isn't really bad. Example: Lord Rennard pats his secretary's bottom, that is 'inappropriate' behaviour, which is quite different to rape, or attempted rape, which is way beyond 'inappropriate'.

Then there is Paul Elliott, ex-footballer and professional black man. He has been given a CBE for services to political correctness. Since retiring from a very lucrative and successful career as a footballer he has whined on about racism on a regular basis becoming known as an 'anti-racism campaigner'. But he has just had to resign from various positions within the Football Association for, I love this one, sending racist text messages to a former business partner. Oh the sweet irony! I assume Aunt Lizzie will be popping round to Chez Elliott to get the gong back.

But that's political correctness. It's such a crock of tripe that even the politically correct get tangled in the ridiculous web they have weaved. Oh how we laughed.

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Daz Pearce said...

I still remember Paul Elliott's absurd attempt to sue Dean Saunders for loss of earnings, after being injured by a legitimate attempt to win the ball.

In that context, the nature of his new 'career' is not particularly surprising.