Sunday, February 24, 2013

UKIP and Marta Andreasen-The Farce Lingers On

Farage or Petain?
The continuing comedy drama that is UKIP continues to raise a titter, just a shame a few people still take the party seriously. I first met Farage in 2000 when I was invited to stand by the local UKIP members in the Preston by-election. When I was introduced to him I instinctively checked my watch was still there after we'd shaken hands, he may as well have had the word 'spiv' tattooed on his forehead it was so obvious.

Over the following few years I had the misfortune to suffer his company on many occasions as he became increasingly megalomaniac and obnoxious. On one occasion he was lost in Manchester trying to find a hotel I had booked for him and his 'lady researcher', we were demonstrating outside the Tory conference next day. Only a clown would phone somebody 60 miles away and state that he didn't have a clue where he was in Manchester then ask if I could I direct him to the hotel. Obviously not, you do need a start point when giving directions but he was too dumb to realise. Then, when I suggested he ask a pedestrian for directions he told me he was scared to do that because there were too many Tories about and they don't like him. Man of steel? I don't think so.

So I wasn't surprised when Marta Andreasen MEP resigned on Friday to join the Tories citing Farage's attitude to women and his Stalinism. She's spot on. That led me to ponder the other UKIP MEPs over the years. It's not gratifying reading really, but in no particular order here we go:

Ashley Mote: Went to chokey for fiddling housing benefit prior to climbing aboard the gravy train.

Tom Wise: Went to chokey for fiddling his expenses.

Michael Holmes: One of the three MEPs elected in 1999, Farage being another. Holmes resigned as leader and left the party soon after being elected.

David Campbell Bannerman: Defected to the Tories in 2011, he was elected in 2009.

Nikki Sinclaire: Forced out of UKIP after refusing to sit in their group in the EU Parliament alongside assorted right-wing nutters, racists and homophobes from other European countries. I should declare that I worked as Nikki's campaign manager for three months in the 2010 general election and that I worked from 2004 to the end of 2008 for John Whittaker MEP.

Marta Andreasen: Resigned last week to join the Tories.

Nigel Farage: Too many scandals to list here, including putting his wife on his payroll without anybody in UKIP ever knowing, and certainly not knowing what she did when it came to light.

The problem is UKIP MEPs do very little work, they have some of the poorest attendance records in the EU Parliament and rarely attend or contribute to committee meetings. They have gone native and are now just a small group of people making themselves very wealthy, while doing very little, at our expense. No wonder they do nothing but bicker, stab each other in the back and resign, as the saying goes, the devil makes work for idle hands.

We didn't defeat the Nazis by joining them did we? Petain tried that little number in France and look how Vichy ended up. Sadly it looks like Farage is the latter day Petain leading a Vichy party on the gravy train they claim to oppose while achieving nothing for the UK.

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Peter Metcalfe said...

I think your comparison of farage to Petain is very generous. I've seen him speak and his style seems to be modelled more on that of a rather infamous dictator.