Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foreign Police Chiefs

Allo, Allo......Allo
I'm as critical of the police as anybody but please, foreign police chiefs and chief constables coming in from industry? I don't think so. This government seems determined to piss as many groups off in this country as possible, at the same time ensuring Ed Miliband becomes the next Prime Minister.

I don't want a citizen of the US, Canada, New Zealand or anywhere else as Chief Constable of Lancashire. I want an Englishman and ideally a Lancastrian, certainly somebody who has spent many years in the North West and has some understanding of the culture and outlook of the region. The government, well the Tory part of it, constantly claims we have the best police in the world so why the need to recruit from outside the police, let alone outside the country?

This is not, before some nobhead starts, xenophobia. I would expect the authorities in the US, Canada etc. to recruit from within too for the same reasons.

Roll on 2015 and we can be rid of this nauseating government. But what about a foreign Prime Minister? Anybody got Robert Mugabe's number?

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