Sunday, May 10, 2015

#GE2015-Playground Politics

We were in a pub in Lancaster on Thursday night around 10 15 when we witnessed the first couple of lefties with faces like slapped arses. Oh how we laughed, they had just heard the news that the exit polls had predicted a Tory majority. You'd think the crusty old bearded sandal wearers had just been told that they would have to take cyanide with their next pint.

This election has shown the childishness of the left, and by that I mean Labour, Greens, Lib Dems RIP, Scottish Nazionalists and Plaid Cymru. Constantly repeating the mantras "end austerity" and "we need progressive policies" are trite and meaningless, they all did it.

Constantly banging on about ending austerity begs the question how? And none of them, especially Labour, bothered to answer that. There are only two ways to end austerity their way, tax and borrow, and both would plunge is into crisis and leave billions of debt for future generations.

Those are two ways to end austerity that would not lead to prosperity. The only way to get us out of the economic mess is now austerity plus. Cut, cut and cut again. We can't slag off the feckless for squandering their money then running up massive debts going to Wonga for a payday loan then elect a Wonga government. The only way forward is to keep taxes down and axe spending which will stimulate economic and business growth which will then create wealth and jobs. Put simply if you keep borrowing against your home you have to cut your outgoings or risk losing your home. Similarly with government because, contrary to the apparent belief of the economically illiterate lefties, government money doesn't grow on trees.

Nicola Sturgeon has been treated like some kind of political sage in this election. In reality she is a nasty, simplistic, soundbite specialist who, if she was English and talked as she does about the Scots as does about us would be attacked for racism and xenophobia. All we heard was the mindless chant of "progressive, progressive, progressive". This word can mean any number of things depending what you want people to believe. It can mean slow and gradual, as in "a progressive decline in the number of people active in politics". It can mean favouring change or innovation as in "the Bauhaus was a progressive school of art". It means all things to all men. The ultimate soundbite.

The Scots over the last two years have bored the arse off the rest of us with their bloody referendum and their incessant whining and obsessing about England and Westminster. Their claim to have been ignored and left out at Westminster doesn't bear the lightest scrutiny. They are liars. These politicians were Scottish:

Tony Blair
John Smith
Robin Cooke
Gordon Brown
Donald Dewar
Douglas Alexander
Lord Irvine
Alistair Darling
George Robertson

They are the ones I can remember as being cabinet members under Blair/Brown. I am sure a little research would uncover even more Scottish ministers.

The Scottish Nazionalists are like the rest of the left, they lose then throw an almighty tantrum as if they have been the subject of some underhand conspiracy. Look at the filth in London yesterday, attacking the police and daubing graffiti on war memorials. The left has been infantilised by political correctness. You lost the election, accept it as we had to accept Blair/Brown bombing the crap out of Iraq and bankrupting the country when you won elections.

Throughout the election campaign the left proved how vacuous and juvenile their arguments are. I lost count of the number of times I saw totally baseless accusations of racism and homophobia directed at Nigel Farage, a man I detest but he is definitely neither of those things.

The left think they have a monopoly on wanting to help others. On numerous occasions during the campaign I heard patronising lefties declaring how they supported Labour because they cared about the NHS, cared about the unemployed, cared about the mentally ill, cared about the unemployed. They never got round to telling us what the reality of voting Labour would be for these groups they care so deeply about. Two of the worst offenders were Steve Coogan and Eddie Izzard. At least Coogan admitted he was minted and came from a nice, cosy middle class background.

As for the lefties' constant lies about the Conservatives and the NHS let's put that one to rest once and for all. I would love to see the NHS privatised but it's not going to happen. I was aware of Labour lying about the Tories and the NHS in 1974, they've lied about it ever since and enough gullible people fall for it every time to make the lie worth repeating. Blair/Brown were the biggest ever privatisers of the NHS with billions of pounds stacking up as debt for future generations through PFI in the health servce and the university sector. But I suppose it's easier fro the untellectually challenged to ignore reality, they probably blame Thatcher!

I voted Conservative as the best of a bad bunch and to keep Labour/SNP out. I hope Cameron now holds true to his word on a referendum on EU membership, although I think we could lose and end up staying in. But that might be good for UKIP if you look at the SNP after losing their referendum.

We had to endure 5 years of the Lib Dems RIP in coalition with 58 MPs. The Tories now have a clear majority with the SNP having 56 seats, 2 fewer than the Lib Dems RIP had in 2010. UKIP got 3.8m votes and 1 MP the SNP got 1.5m and 56 votes. The SNP took part, as a regional party, in free and fair national elections to a body they want to leave. They should now be shunned and sidelined in Westminster as UKIP should be in Brussels for the same reasons.

Cameron is offering a referendum on the EU and the abolition of the Human Rights Act. That's a good start. Slash the waste in the NHS and elsewhere in the public sector, cut taxes and you may be en route to convincing us that the true Conservative Party is on its way back. If the infantile left continue rioting and generally behaving like political misfits we will know that the government is doing a good job.

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