Monday, May 04, 2015

Why I Could Never Vote Labour

There has been an effort in the media to talk up the Labour candidate in my constituency which I find quite disturbing. I don't think I've ever linked to The Grauniad before but this article is  a must.

The constituency is Morecambe and Lunesdale, the candidate is Amina Lone. I have written before how she chooses to stay in Manchester where she lives and commutes each day to the constituency, about 3 hours driving a day. That doesn't imply commitment to the area or confidence in her victory. Will she still live in Manchester if elected?

She left home in Birmingham aged to go to London and was soon a single mother on benefits. She went on to have three more children by different fathers. She appears in the interview to blame the Tories for her predicament. By my reckoning she left home in 1989, in 1997 Blair was elected and she then had until 2010 under Labour. She made her own decisions, nobody forced her or anybody else onto benefits.

The article also claims that she spoke to a girl in Lancaster who had to give up work because she spent all her salary on bus fares. What?! You can get a bus from Lancaster to London for about £20.

She has also accepted £10 000 from Lord Oakeshott, a dodgy ex-Lib Dem peer involved in a donations scandal when a Lib Dem peer. She has also had a £1 000 donation from Blair.

Here is her profile on the constituency website. She claims to have run a campaign against poverty for twenty years, funded by taxpayers no doubt. Interesting then that she began her campaigning around 1995, so from 1997 to 2010 she was campaigning against poverty under a labour government.

She is proud to inform us that she is a graduate of Common Purpose (CP). CP is an organisation that provokes huge controversy. Conspiracy theorists claim it trains future leaders of the New World Order. I tend to think it is a highly politicised, internationalist organisation that trains public sector bureaucrats, civil servants (including senior police officers) and others in toeing the line and bleeding the taxpayers dry. I suggest you Google 'Common Purpose', have a nosey at their website and some of their opponents websites and make your own mind up.

Finally she has a tattoo on her arm of the anarchist logo, an 'A' in a circle, which seems to go down well in certain Labour circles who seem to think it gives her some street cred. The sad thing is she didn't realise what it was when had the tattoo, she just liked the design.

Amina Lone typifies the Labour/socialist mentality of abdicating personal responsibility. Blame everybody but yourself and expect hard working people to support your benefits lifestyle by thieving ever more from us in taxes. That's why I will never vote Labour.

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