Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Death of the Labour Party?

I've had a fantastic weekend hearing journalist after journalist announcing the imminent demise of the Labour Party, if only. The fate of the Liberal Democrats RIP was obvious from 2010, only as big an idiot as Vince Cable could have thought they wouldn't depart this world at the general election. But the end of the Labour Party? I fear not.

Judging by the wailing and gnashing of pinko liberal teeth the lefties are still arrogant enough to think that they are right and the gullible rest of us were duped by the wicked right-wing media. Yes, patronising bastards all. Of course the BBC, The Guardian, the Independent all slavishly following a right-wing agenda and brainwashing the populace. Don't make me laugh.

The left think they have a monopoly on humanitarianism and that much abused and overused word 'caring'. Well they don't. What they do have a monopoly on is infantilising the population. Cradle to grave socialism takes away peoples' right to choose, to make their own decisions, to think for themselves. It is neither caring nor compassionate to blindly steal peoples' money through taxation then sit back and let the state do what it wants. Because this statist philosophy has predominated since 1945, to varying degrees under Labour and most Conservative governments, we have a sizeable proportion of the population who are welfare dependent and don't expect to go to work. Why should they with an all embracing welfare state, the most generous in the world that will mollycoddle them from cradle to grave?

What lost Labour the general election was that people have had enough. They see the homeless protesters dossing in tents in Manchester and know they are conning people. Most are homeless because they are 'substance abusers' and/or chronic alcoholics. I do not go with the current orthodoxy that drink and drug abuse are illnesses, just like any other. They are a result of weakness. Let people form charitable groups to help people in these circumstances, don't expect the government to do it because that means we pay. If I want to support a homeless charity I would much rather choose to do it than be forced to do it.

Labour seemed to speak too for the immigrant population, especially the muslim population. In fact Labour are increasingly seen as fighting the corner of every minority group in the country, whether they need help or not while the working population is bled dry through ever increasing taxation for ever more government spending money. Most people rumbled that Labour plays divide and rule, creating an image of 'caring' and defending for vulnerable groups who aren't actually vulnerable at all. Labour creates the myth and feeds off it as it does with the constant lies about Tory privatisation of the NHS.

Labour claim to be no longer in bed with the trade unions but Miliband was elected by the unions and, even with one man one vote, the current candidates for the Labour leadership are grovelling to an unreconstructed political dinosaur like Len McCluskey of the Unite trade union who has also just seen off Jim Murphy, leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

When you see the anti government demonstrations, which are inevitable with the left sulking like spoilt brats since May 7th, just look at the participants. Very few are the poor, the disaffected, the homeless, the supposedly oppressed minorities of one sort or another. They are students and assorted members of the chattering classes. You know the ones I mean, the muesli chomping do gooders, usually comfortably off whites who take offence at the word blackboard on behalf of people far too sensible to be actually offended by innocent use of language. They probably organise foodbanks so the unemployed can squander their benefits on drink and drugs instead of food but are too naïve and gullible to realise the damage they are doing. As long as they get a warm, self satisfied inner glow they don't care about the impact of their stupidity.

As long as there are so many gullible fools around, and millions of sheep rushing into what they see as the safety of a gang calling itself a trade union, there will be a Labour Party. But the power and influence of Labour and the unions will continue to fade because they've been rumbled. The idiots on anti-austerity/anti-government marches/mini-riots are the political flotsam and jetsom pathetically going through the motions of empty protest without actually realising that nobody takes them seriously any more than they do Labour or the trade unions.

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