Sunday, May 03, 2015

General Election 2015-Morecambe and Lunesdale Constituency

In some ways this has been a highly tedious election campaign but in other ways I've quite enjoyed it.

It's the first election in decades that I haven't been involved, either as a candidate or campaign director/election agent. It felt strange at first but being a spectator gradually became very enjoyable, it has given me a chance to really see how much waffle candidates come out with. But, for all the waffle and playing it safe from the politicians, we have more access to information than ever via the internet so people have no excuse for not finding out who to vote for or not to vote for. Get off your bums, even now, and look on t'interweb you lazy gits!

Now then, I think I've decided who to vote for although over the length of this campaign I have 'floated' a few times, and there are still four days left. But here is my rationale on why I am voting as I am unless there is a major political earthquake between now and Thursday.

Green Party-No, I'm a grown up. Maybe if you like Russell Brand (aka 'Massive Twat') but want to ignore his advice to not vote then the Green Party will do for you.

Northern Party-No. Regionalisation/devolution will merely give us another costly layer of politicos and bureaucrats increasing our taxes and squandering our cash. For God's sake there arre states in the USA that are bigger than us and Westminster is only 4  hours or so from virtually anywhere in the UK, less by plane.

Liberal Democrats-No. I did British Government and Politics 'A'-Level and by my reckoning they are neither liberal nor democratic, they are social  democrat/authoritarians. Then there is Nick Clegg, Vince Cable et al. I needn't go on.

Labour-No. I did Economics 'O'-Level and while I'm not claiming to be an expert on the strength of that a quick look at the economic mess left behind by every previous Labour government does a job,  you don't have to be Keynes or Friedman. Then there is the Labour candidate who lives in Gorton, Manchester around 70 miles away.

UKIP. No. They used to be libertarian but are now one of the most authoritarian parties around. Yes I want out of Europe but voting UKIP in my constituency will not bring that about, it is probably going to let Labour in. Furthermore in previous elections we had at least one leaflet from UKIP, this time we have had none. If they can't be bothered then neither can I.

Conservative-Our local candidate, elected in 2010, is an idiot and widely ridiculed throughout the constituency by conservative minded people and opponents alike. But this is a marginal constituency and changed hands in 1997 and again in 2010. The prospect of Labour winning here fills me with horror so, reluctantly, I will hold my nose and vote Tory. If I help keep Miliband and the Scottish Nazionalists out then it will have been worth it. With our First Past the Post electoral system tactical voting is sometimes unavoidable.

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