Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Madness Must End

I'd just poured the full fat on my Frosties this morning when a news article popped up from Oxford that had me almost choking on my first mouthful. There is a campaign led by fruitcakes and nutjobs to have a statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from a college wall. Despite the Rhodes Scholarship over many decades funding a great number of academics the politically correct hate mob regard the statue as offensive, nothing new there. Rhodesia the wealthy, prosperous precursor of Mugabe's economic basket case now called Zimbabwe was founded by Rhodes. Rhodes is therefore evil and must be expunged from history. He never existed, Rhodesia never existed.

After the American Civil War Abraham Lincoln wrote a thank you letter to the working men of Manchester for boycotting cotton imports from the southern states. Manchester City Council in the 1980s erected a statue of Lincoln in the city centre including a copy of the letter. Well it was almost a copy of the letter. Nearly a copy because they had changed Lincoln's wording from 'working men' to 'working people'. The politically correct nutjobs clearly think Lincoln was a dirty old mysogynistc, sexist, male chauvinist pig. So why put up the statue?

In the USA the same dark forces are at work with campaigns to have Confederate flags got rid of, statues of Confederate generals removed and their remains dug up from public spaces. Comedians in both the US and the UK hounded from university campuses because the politically correct thought police disapprove of their words. Academia, once the driving force of freedom of thought and expression is now the political commissar of one of the most oppressive yet subtle organs of totalitarianism ever seen on earth, political correctness.

Last week a couple were left dying in the Soviet Republic of Scotland in a crashed car for three days. The accident had been reported to the police who it seems just left them. The best way to get the attention of the Scottish police is to call a Scotsman a 'Jock' or a 'Sweaty Sock' on Twitter and at 4 00am you'll find your door kicked down by PC MacTavish and charged with thought crime. Or is it hate crime? I'm not sure.

On the question of hate crime what the fuck is it? It seems to me that if any crime, from murder to mugging, is perpetrated against a gay person, a person of another race or a disabled person it is a hate crime to the politically correct. It's as if crime from murder to mugging against the rest of us is a love crime and therefore less serious. More politically correct bollocks designed to divide and rule.

Political correctness is all about creating a sense of self-loathing. Ridicule our moral values, despise our history, label us all racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist or any other 'ism' you can imagine. The destruction of our way of life is the aim of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, the driving force behind political correctness and it seems to be working.

This is done by expanding the state. Make a large group dependent on welfare and they have been neutered politically and morally. At the other end of the spectrum more and more people are employed by the state making them as dependent on the state as the welfare dependents, Turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Academia has increasingly oppressed freedom of thought and expression, remember Professor Tim Hunt?

Whether a university, a charity or any other body applying for public funding or support you have to prove your politically correct credentials. Applying for contracts or employment with state or other public bodies and you will have to prove your politically correct credentials. You or your staff haven't been on a LGBT awareness course? Forget it. Haven't been on a gender awareness training course? Forget it. Haven't been on a racial equality and diversity training course? Forget it.

Dare to say the wrong thing and you will be sent to the intellectual gulag for the politically incorrect, maybe onto welfare or to university for retraining and rehabilitation. Brainwashing to you and me.

This madness must end.

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