Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lefties and Islam

Witnessing the politically correct leftie brigade bending over backwards to make excuses for the barbaric actions of thousands of muslim migrants across Europe has been a very bizarre experience.

One of the most ridiculous the excuses I've heard is that all men are capable of rape and using events at New Year to tarnish the reputation of muslims is pure racism. Nope, wrong in three ways. It is the behaviour of thousands of muslims that tarnishes the reputation of muslims, indeed if muslims have ever had a good reputation. Secondly Islam is a religion not a race, therefore criticism of it cannot be regarded as racism. Thirdly I, and millions and millions of other men, are not capable of rape.

There were also claims that one man arrested in Cologne was a citizen of the USA therefore you can't blame it on Islam. No course you can't, one man out of thousands across Europe just makes it another fine example of multiculturalism in action doesn't it?

The mayor of Cologne has decided to go head to head with Frau Merkel in the cow-frau of the year race. Rather than sort out the muslim rapists and gropers she is planning guidance for German women in how to dress and behave in ways that do not provoke the sexual deviants who have recently arrived in the Fatherland. Maybe the burka would do the trick? Maybe that's why so many muslim women are happy to cover themselves from head to foot, they know their men have no self-control.

Now the police chief of Vienna, where gangs of muslims also attacked women at New Year, has added his two schillings to the debate by warning women not to go out alone. Tell you what mate, get your police force prepared to actually protect your women from these vile bastards. If you can't do that then don't suddenly find the resources to take action when your population decides to deal with the problem themselves.

Look at muslim countries all over the world and tell me they are the kind of places you would like to live. Generally speaking women have far fewer rights than men. In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed to drive. Throughout the muslim world execution, often in public, is commonplace, as are public floggings. In many muslim countries women guilty of adultery are stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

Everywhere muslims pitch up they demand minority rights. Wherever muslims are a majority the rights of minorities are trampled on. How then can lefties defend this and accuse those opposed to the increasing numbers of muslims in Europe racist? It is because their loathing and hatred of the country and people that have given them such freedoms and rights is what drives their destructive political beliefs. Like Islam the creed of political correctness hates the west and all we stand for. Why else would lefties excuse the excesses of Islam when they are supposed to support equality for all?

Finally, if you have to warn women how to dress and behave to avoid being groped or raped by immigrants maybe they are the type of immigrants you really shouldn't have in your country.

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