Wednesday, April 02, 2008

People's History Museum

The People's History Museum in Manchester is one to avoid when it re-opens in 2009. Initially supported by Labour, the TUC and various Co-Op organisations it is undergoing a revamp and seems to now have a bizarre range of funders it sponges off.

It nestles on the banks of the River Irwell, a river that until not too long ago ran orange with pollution but is now part of Manchester's 'regeneration'. But cross the bridge over it and you are in Salford. Salford is where socialist revisionists now claim that the workers saw off Mosley's Blackshirts in the thirties in defence of North Manchester's Jewish, women and working class populations. The truth is the BUF were so strong in Salford they faced little opposition, had their Northern HQ on Northumberland Street and, when they closed their London HQ, considered Salford for their new national HQ.

What really makes me giggle though, apart from the crass hypocrisy of the left, is the strapline for their little people's museum. It reads: "A Revolution on the Left Bank". How very borgeois, and the Irwell is definitely not the Seine!

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