Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is Wheelie, Wheelie Stupid

Members of Cumbria Police's crack Wheelie Bin Squad (left) arrest a council tax payer after being informed that his wheelie bin was an inch higher than allowed on the day of collection. The leader of Copeland Borough Council, Councillor Richard Head, praised the officers for their bravery after the dawn raid that led to the arrest.

But seriously Copeland Borough Council takes the prize for being the biggest bunch of prats and the most useless council in the UK. Some poor sod has now got a criminal record for having his wheelie bin lid raised four inches because it was overfull. If you don't believe it read this.
Of course Dick Head is not the leader of Copeland Borough Council, I made that up. It's actually Councillor Elaine Woodburn who can be contacted on: 01946 820861. Or by email at: ewoodburn@copelandbc.gov.uk
Alternatively should you wish to confirm this story Copeland Borough Council can be contacted on: 0845 054 8600. Or: info@copelandbc.gov.uk

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Nunyaa said...

Why didn't they just empty the dam thing and be done with it, what a waste and missuse of the police force.