Monday, July 14, 2008

Max Mosley

I'm afraid I can't be bothered reading a great deal about the Max Mosley trial but he does have my sympathy.

What consenting adults do in private is exactly that, private. Why should it be anybody else's business and what right has anybody, especially a newspaper, to hide cameras then publish the private activities of consenting adults merely to cause embarassment?

The invasion of privacy is surely far worse than the bizarre sexual shenanigins of a grown man and grown, consenting women.

After all it's just a little harmless English s&m!

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lurch said...

Quite so.
The gutter press oft quote "the public interest" which seems in their minds to equal the public being interested which is a bazillion miles from 'being in the public interest' as I believe the law means.
Whilst 'the public' may well be interested in the sexual peccadilo of a minor s'lebrity it is far from being in the public interest what some chump who is some big cheese in motorsport gets up to.