Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pray to Allah?

It seems that two boys have been punished in Alsager, Cheshire for refusing to kneel and pray to Allah in an RE lesson. Additionally several parents have complained to the school, and quite rightly too.

It's one thing learning about other religions in school, but play-acting worshipping is deeply insulting to the religion concerned, as well as the unfortunate participants. It shows a frightening level of ignorance and plain stupidity on the part of the school and the teacher involved, who should be the ones being punished.

I can't help wondering how many flags would have been burnt and British embassies attacked, or even worse, if it had been Muslims being forced to pretend to be Christian.

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T Bishop Finger said...

Anthony Browne wrote a Time's article called 'Britain is Losing Britain' in 2002, that was ripped to shreds by the Left, naturally, were he summed up the liberal mindset on diversity with; "We have to celebrate it, even though for white British people celebrating diversity basically means saying sorry. We have to celebrate diversity, because otherwise it might rise up and kill us: Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia, Israel, Rwanda, Gujarat, northern Nigeria have all recently suffered mass deaths as a result of diversity."