Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Three Good Ones In Westminster

When Bob Spink came to UKIP I was pleased, especially because of his principled stand on abortion. I was disappointed, to say the least, when he voted for 42 day internment but he has redeemed himself with this piece in the Telegraph condemning the proposed further liberalisation of the abortion laws.

Also to be commended for her stand is Nadine Dorries. It's good to know there are still one or two people in Westminster with principle.

And for the hat-trick, hats off to Baroness Manningham Buller. The former MI5 chief blew the lid off the government's pretence that the 'intelligence community' supported 42 day internment. Hats off to her and you can read all about it, and see a video of her speech here.

I don't think I've ever praised three politicos, well two MPs and a Baroness, in one post before.


Vindico said...

Hmm. I struggle with the abortion issue. I don;t feel any moral aversion to it and end to take the view that I am in no position to tell any particular woman whether she can or cannot have an abortion.

Of course, making it too accessable will turn it into mere contraception for the stupid and careless. I am fairly comfortable with having a limit around its present level, although would always tend against any restrictions.

The interesting thing is many libertarians oppose abortion because of the liberty/rights of the individual which they believe starsts at cocneption, while other libertarians support abortion. I don't know why i fall in to the second category.

Gregg Beaman said...

I'm firmly in the first camp but,as you say, that's libertarianism, we can agree to disagree.

The Remiitance Man did a great post a couple of weeks ago on why the libertarian wing of politics is hammering the left-wing in terms of blogging.

His conclusion was that the libertarian/right can disagree, have a heated debate then go to the pub for a couple of pints and a further chat. The left on the other hand spend hours arguing about the position of a coomma on p55 of Das Capital then walk out and form splinter groups that viciously savage each other.

Lurch said...

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law....
Hitler loved his dogs, but he was still a Grade A nutjob bastard.
Spink is agin abortion but he is still a Statist scumbag bastard who should be shot at dawn before having his head popped on a stake above traitors gate.
Imagine my delight when, shortly after voting against the nations constitution, Spink leered at me from my UKIP periodical telling me how he was going to defend our country's freedoms. Lying scumbag tosser.
Can you tell I'm 2/3ds through my bottle of vin rouge?

Gregg Beaman said...

Yes Lurch, I should haver written 'gone some way towards rehabilitating himself' or similar.

Perhaps we should get together with a few bottles of red vino much collapso and see what kind of incendiary joint post we could concoct.

Reminds me of Bruce Robinson. I saw a TV programme a few years ago and it seems he drinks gallons of red when he writes, very serious quantities way beyond merely binging. But then he writes genius stuff such as Withnail and I when he's drowning in the red stuff.