Monday, July 21, 2008


Here is a worrying development from the Telegraph.

Declan Ganley is to fund 400 candidates in countries that have had no referendum on the Constitutional/Lisbon Treaty. The difficulty as I see it is that Ganley, who is pro-EU but anti-Lisbon Treaty, will be asking people to use the EU elections next June as the referendum they never had, and that a vote for his Libertas movement would be a 'no' to Lisbon.

Yet again the pitch could easily be queered for real Eurosceptic groups, especially withdrawalists such as UKIP. With the money and influence Ganley has his campaign could easily eclipse others, including the Lib-Lab-Con, and draw in votes from real opponents of the European Union seduced by the message.


Vindico said...

Yes, a little worrying. If he does a dela with UKIP and stands aside, because there is a party with that message in the maistream, then that would be fine. If he chooses to pursue a new brad coalition party then that will surely eat into UKIP's vote and do us serious harm.

Gregg Beaman said...

He is not in support of withdrawal, he is pro-EU but thinks the Lisbon Treaty is going a little too far. This means he will not be sympathetic to our position but if he raises his millions, as seems likely, a high proportion of people who would support us may be seduced by his no doubt slick campaign.

Alternatively, assuming the electorate not to be overly gullible (perhaps I'm being gullible now) he could inflict damage on the Tories next June as his line is more like their 'in it but not run by it'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your alternative view Gregg. If there is one thing the British public have rumbled it's the EU and his message is far closer to the Tory message than the UKIP one (so we may be saved from Cameron after all).
I would worry more that that 'Libertas' sounds too much like 'Veritas'. Could they be related?