Sunday, August 30, 2009

Edward Kennedy

Hype is a terrible thing and the hype around the recently deceased Edward "Teddy" Kennedy was pretty gross. The man was a parasite who lived off the family name and let's face it, the Kennedy family are only rivalled by the Saxe Coburg Gothas for dysfunctionality. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the Kennedys.

They were anti-British, supported the IRA, made their money from gun running and smuggling hooch during prohibition, were probably involved in the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa and the hero Teddy left Mary Jo Kopechne dead or dying in the car at Chappaquiddick, to save his own reputation.

There is also a story that JFK's election victory was down to successful rigging in Chicago. The accusations, never proven, about George W. and the chads in Florida, were supposedly made by a member of the Democrat campaign team who had been involved with JFK's election, so knew how it could be done.

Shed no tears for the Kennedys.


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