Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swine Flu Bull

The paranoia about swine flu is becoming a really sick joke. The government, to be seen to be 'caring', has whacked out so much Tamiflu that this strain could mutate and become a more deadly strain before the antidote to this one is found. But look at some of the hysteria created in the workplace. This week I have heard of employers that have:

Banned staff using blow dryers in the loos in favour of paper towels.

Banned staff from using tea towels after a brew, yes in favour of paper towels.

Despite that they still have a sign on the stairs saying 'All Staff Must Use The Handrail'.

I think there are far too many people in jobs with no real work to do, or perhaps we are now a nation of big soft tarts whio need to rediscover a bit of backbone. Of course, we must remember the part people like WHO have played in building this hysteria.

And finally, I even saw a nobhead in a surgical mask trotting down the street this week.


Henry North London said...

Gregg if you wish to remain safe from the flu all you need to do is read the blog posts on my blog from wednesday to friday this week ending 21/08/2009

The media are hyping this up into mass hysteria and panic. There is no need to panic


Flu will not kill you

Being Stupid will.

Don't die of ignorance

Mark Wadsworth said...

The hysteria may even have gone too far for the WHO, who have now said that prescribing Tamiflu for everybody was completely unnecessary.

Actually, the whole thing is scaremongering by the companies that make the vaccine and/or Tamiflu. If you eat healthily, you'll be fine. Allegedly.