Friday, August 14, 2009

NHS v Private Healthcare

The Club for Growth is one of the main American groups fighting the 'socialisation of medicine', and I wish them well in their campaign, even if some of the campaign statements about the NHS have been somewhat inaccurate. For example, claiming that Stephen Hawking would have been dead if he had to be treated solely by the NHS, not true.

Most politicos, even in the mainstream, accept that nationalisation is not really a good idea, so why leave something as vital as our healthcare to a gargantuan, inefficient, nationalised bureaucracy? It is not free, we pay through our taxes, so why not let us choose how we spend our money on healthcare? Because the NHS is a sacred cow, and they are all too scared to tell the truth about it, or being seen to even criticise it.

Most of us despise politicians, so why trust them to run our health services?

Following is one of the Club of Growth's US TV commercials:

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T Bishop Finger said...

Ever since Hannan opened his mouth on this one, the Net has exploded with the useful hateful lefty smears and insults (with no good arguments as usual). Hannan's blog on the Telegraph and his Youtube profile has become a battleground for the pro-Hannan side and this ugly alliance of lefties, sheeple, and the 'i'm a tory but hate Hannan' brigade. It is a dire situation, and I believe the Left has won the battle to turn the NHS into a sacred cow. The Sheeple who are slating Hannan, the American Town Hall protestors, and other opponents of socialised medicine, will find out the truth painfully I'm afraid when there's only pen pushers left in the bankrupt NHS to put them under the knife.