Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ballot To Be Re-Run.

In case you've been away, and were unaware, there is to be a second poll. You may be thinking in Afghanistan, where there was widespread intimidation of voters to such an extent that in some districts nobody voted. If so you would be wrong.

It is in Ireland where there was a perfectly run referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. As ever, when a referendum goes against the wishes of the European Union bureaucrats they just hold it again until they get the desired result.

I've just had Irish Referendum drawn to my attention.

The attempt to thwart democracy, aka second referendum, will be held on October 2nd.


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Vee haf veys of making you vote 'Yes'!

Greg L-W. said...

Yes but Derek we should learn from history!

It seems they have not!

Anyone wishing to help can write and 'e'Mail Irish Companies and individuals.

Alternatively write and complain to Intel at all their world wide offices and complain at Intel's efforts to corrup democracy by funding the Yes campaign!

Finally if you use YouTube just seek out the YouTube clips on Ireland, Irish Referendum, EU Ireland and the like and just put the truth on the comments section.

There's a load of usable details and quite a lot of links at:

Greg L-W.

Anonymous said...

Why have the Eurosceptic movement not made a fuss over this? Surely after the recent Euro elections they must be able to do something?

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Too many in the Eurosceptic movement like to sit on their backsides moaning, compounded by most of the public, even those who would like to see us out, being too apathetic to do anything.

UKIP were our best chance but they are lions led by donkeys. The donkeys being the MEPs who have sold themselves for a handful of Euros, so badly they didn't even campaign against Lisbon in the UK.