Monday, August 10, 2009

Hazel Blears-Nice One Salford!

I'm a Mancunian but have always had a real soft spot for Salford, and it's just gone right up in my estimation. Hazel Blears, aka 'The Runt', has had her car vandalised. Brilliant!

She whines about it being 'mindless anti-social behaviour'. So, what do you call bombing the shit out of Iraq and Afghanistan? What do you call fiddling your expenses you ugly little runt?

If there are problems with 'anti-social behaviour' it's thanks to the pinko liberal political consensus and it's poisonous social policies.

Shut it Blears and take your medicine.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps she should canvassing around some of the places she has helped to close in trafford park while signing visas for one legged roffers and fingerless electricians neither her nor the labour party she belongs to represent the lower classes of this country.