Thursday, June 02, 2011

Government Still Lying And Cheating About Immigration

Since the Coalition seized power very little seems to have changed, and it's not all because the Lib Dems are pathetic pinko slobs, the Tories are little better. We are now bombing Libya, following a blood lust policy started by Blair, and we now hear that immigration is still out of control. But is anybody really surprised?

Like the last lot the Coalition bullshit the electorate with talk of controlling non-EU immigration, when it is the vast numbers of EU immigrants that needs to be checked. But we all know our EU masters won't allow us to do that, so Cameron thinks we'll fall for the Blair line that the inability to control immigration is nothing to do with the EU.

But even worse than that, and to prove what a huge bureaucratic monster of a government we are oppressed by, they have effectively given illegals, or "failed asylum seekers" an amnesty. It gets worse. They've done it to clear a backlog of files in a government department. It gets even worse. The govenment boasts that it no longer has a backlog of asylum seekers because, unlike Labour, it has dealt with the problem. More bullshit! We want the people/population problem dealt with not the filing system. 

I wonder if the government would let me off with my tax bill if I told them I had binned all the relevant paperwork to deal with a backlog?

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