Monday, June 06, 2011

Vince Cable-A Typical Lib Dem Buffoon

Just when you think a Lib Dem minister, and Vince Cable of all people, has seen the light, you find that yet again it's nothing more than a mirage. They are so used to talking the talk they forgot a long time ago how to walk the walk.

Today Cable has had a go at the dinosaurs of the GMB Union, the good old General, Municipal and Boilermakers' Union. Of course he was heckled for seemingly taking a hardline and warning that a series of strikes this summer could lead to tougher laws to restrict the disruptive powers of the unions. But when you look at what he actually said it is more typical mealy mouthed Lib Dem, or specifically Vince Cable, waffle. Here is what he said:
"The usual suspects will call for general strikes and widespread disruption. This will excite the usual media comments about a summer or an autumn of discontent, and another group of the usual suspects will exploit the situation to call for the tightening of strike law".
Yet again Cable is coming out with something but not actually standing up for what he believes in, if indeed he actually believes in anything other than personal advancement. He is not saying that he, as Business Secretary will take any action, oh no, he is yet again passing the buck and hiding behind what "the usual suspects" will be calling for. That way he can waltz around with the trappings of power, but claim to his lefty pals that any legislation wasn't down to him.

The man has a spine of jelly and should never be allowed near a government department.

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