Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Venice Biennale or the Tate Liverpool?

If you possibly can you must get to Venice for La Biennale this year.

Venice is the most romantic and beautiful city in the world, and visiting La Biennale is a must, at least once in your life. We celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2013 and plan to celebrate it in Venice at the 2013 Biennale with a few days in Rome thrown in. The Vatican is a little special too!

Now this is a first on this blog, I'm about to recommend something in Liverpool rather than being typically Mancunian and slagging it off. If you can't get to La Biennale why not get to see an exhibition of the work of Rene Magritte at the Tate Liverpool?

Ok, the Albert Dock isn't quite the Lido di Venezzia, but times are tough.

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Hubujur said...

Hi Gregg
No doubt about it:
Go to Venice/the Biënnale THIS YEAR already.
First book accommodation in CASA VILLA GARDENIA in MARGHERA/VENICE (, price-quality is outstanding!)
Take the plane (Ryanair?) to Venice, than the train to
the Mestre station, go underneath (on foot) to the Casa.
Enjpy the wonderful room, listen to all the advices the 'lady-of-the-house' (she's wonderful) gives you.
Buy a 12-to-72 hours tourist travel card. in there tobacco shop at the corner..
Hop on the bus just on the other side of the street and within 15 min. you're on Piazzale Roma where you take the 'vaporetto (no 1)' to Piazza San Marco through the Canal Grande.
Alsp the 'vaporetto' to GiARDINI (the Biënnale country-pavillions, cooled and in huge gardens..!) and ARSENALE )beautiful restored old harbor buildings for the rest of the Biënnale)
In the evening ask the 'lady-of-the-house' for the restaurant across the roundabout, past a bank where you can have the real Italian food with all the other Italians..
You'll enjoy it! I'm very sure...
Once you've been there you'll decide:
I do this again in 2013 (as we will ;-)
Greeting (price-quality = outstanding) NL