Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The European Union-Liars and Cheats

David Cameron is a charlatan and, if there is any justice, he will be hounded out of office for his breathtaking hypocrisy and downright lies about his negotiations with the European Union.

He promised treaty change before a referendum. He hasn't got treaty change but will soon be announcing a referendum. In 1992 Denmark, after voting against the Maastricht Treaty were made promises about citizenship. They were bought off and in a second referendum voted in favour of Maastricht. Since then Danish efforts to get agreement, as promised, have been defeated 80 times by the European Union. What Cameron is offering is worthless.

Those campaigning to stay in are liars. EU countries will not stop selling goods to us if we leave. They sell far more to us than we do top them. They need us far more than we need them. Our trade with the EU is stagnant as the Eurozone bumbles from crisis to crisis. Our trade with the rest of the world is booming.

The liars claim that we can only defend ourselves from terror attacks by being in the EU. Open borders clearly make the movement of terrorists far easier than having border controls. You don't have to be a genius to see through that lie.

Since 1992 EU regulations have supposedly brought about cheap air travel. Leaving the EU would make air travel the sole preserve of a wealthy elite as it was prior to 1992. Funny that, I first flew on a family holiday in 1965 and regularly flew around the world prior to 1992. The little Europeaner zealots really do think we are as stupid as them.

Don't let the bastards scare you. We survived before 1973 and we will survive outside the European Union. In fact there is every reason to believe that we will be far better off as a free and independent nation once again. As travel, trade and communication around the world becomes ever easier what benefit is it to us to remain within one of the most stagnant and decaying economic areas in the world?

The EU is undemocratic and millions of our hard earned tax money is wasted every day subsidising the incompetence and downright corruption of the EU and many of its member states.

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