Sunday, February 21, 2016

David Cameron-Pure Genius

The Listening Prime Minister
It must rank as one of the greatest achievements of this century, and maybe even the last. What David Cameron has achieved is absolutely stunning and could quite possibly never be surpassed.

He set out out three years ago his dream of European Union reform and has spent the last three years dashing around the EU negotiating into the small hours culminating in a mammoth summit meeting in Munich (oops sorry about that I mean Brussels) last week. He has worked tirelessly and ceaselessly, quite possibly shedding blood, sweat and tears. His energy is to be admired.

So this weekend he came home from Munich (oops sorry about that I mean Brussels) and held a Saturday cabinet meeting. After that he announced that a referendum on our continued membership of the EU will be held on June 23rd.

The culmination of these three years of hard graft and negotiation will be what puts our current Prime Minister high in the history books for centuries to come as the genius who achieved what nobody else could, and what most of us thought was impossible. He has made Neville Chamberlain look like a political colossus.

Well done Prime Minister. What an achievement.

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