Sunday, February 28, 2016

We Are All Scum

Political correctness has created a vile streak of self loathing in certain sections of society and it's being propagated, in no small part, by the education system. If we had kids of school age I would be loathe to send them to state schools which increasingly appear to be nothing more than state indoctrination centres. Last week a teenage lad was reported to the police because he looked at the UK Independence Party website as part of a project on migration. That is nothing less than totalitarian bollocks and the school should be closed down and the staff involved barred from ever going near children again, either professionally or otherwise. If they have children they should be taken from them and adopted by reasonable, tolerant people.

Recently in Rochdale an imam was murdered. The powers that be and the media immediately called for calm among the large muslim population of the town in the light of an act of obviously islamophobic murder by a white, right wing extremist. It was obvious wasn't it? It has now been quietly released that Mohammed Hussain Syeedy has been charged with his murder.

There has been a lot of coverage this last week or two about the sentencing of a paedophile ring in Rotherham. Throughout the BBC coverage the word 'muslim' hasn't been used once in either reports or interviews about the case. I suppose, although there is a pattern of paedophilia in towns with large muslim populations, that to state it would be racist or, God forbid, islamophobic.

Now I'm as broadminded as the next bloke so if a bloke wants to indulge in the ultimate act of self mutilation and chop his penis off then grow a pair of chemically induced breasts then that's his business. But I have the right to question it and profess disapproval if I wish. According to the trainee fascists (aka students, see first paragraph) of York University that would make me 'transphobic' (click on link ). You see in the new politically correct fascist era to question any current orthodoxy makes you a phobic. Question open borders? Xenophobe. Don't approve of gay marriage? Homophobe. Not keen on islam? Islamophobe. Here's a new one: Don't approve of political correctness? Twatophobe.

Then there is Greg Dyke chairman of the English Football Association. Last week he was again banging on about needing more ethnic minorities involved in senior positions in the FA. Why? Why do governing bodies of anything have to be a cross representation of society? Do people who are not white automatically think differently to white people? I don't think so. I've seen many top class football teams in England with a disproportionately high percentage of non-white players. It doesn't bother me. It only ever seems to be white, middle class pinko liberals who obsess about race any more. Back in the 1970s there were virtually no black players in English football, today there are countless. Black players are not in teams because of positive discrimination, they are there on merit. If the do gooders left us all alone and stopped banging on about race we would all rub along very nicely thank you very much. So piss off and leave us alone.

I can't help but conclude that the politically correct, in their arrogant, patronising way regard those of us who are normal as scum, just waiting to  be phobic or guilty of an ism. Well we're not and won't go along with your vile indoctrination.

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