Friday, March 07, 2008

Calling All Patriots-Especially Lancastrians

I am saddened to read reports, apparently emanating from Tesco, that certain traditional dishes are endangered species. This is a dire situation and I would urge all patriots to eat, eat and eat again to ensure their survival. If the nutters in Greenpeace can sail the seven seas to save the whale we can chomp away to save Lancashire Hotpot, cow heels and tripe and even Beef Wellington. We must then follow it up with lots of bread and butter pudding and/or spotted dick, two other endangered species. Not sure about saving sherry trifle though, oh yes go on, I'll be selfless and save it for others who might enjoy it.
Don't worry about weight gain, ignore the food fascists, they are only skinny because low fat this and skimmed the other is so tasteless they never eat it and starve.

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