Monday, March 03, 2008

UKIP North West Spring Conference Part 3

Mark Sidwell, author of the Adam Smith Institute report into the misguidedness of Fairtrade, has agreed to speak at the UKIP NW Spring Conference on March 29/30. My post on his report is here.

Other speakers will include Tim Aker from The Taxpayers' Alliance, Phil Booth of NO2ID and Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.

UKIP speakers to include Nigel Farage, Party Leader, David Campbell Bannerman, Deputy Leader and John Whittaker, Party Chairman.

For more information, and to book places, please contact the NW office on: 01524 387690 or email:


Mark Wadsworth said...

"Fair Trade" actually, but that looks like a good range of speakers.

Gregg Beaman said...

Thanks Mark. Goes to show it doesn't pay to rush, silly mistakes are made. Now corrected.