Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manhattan Declaration

Here is an interesting article from the UKIP website written by a colleague of mine.

It gives an alternative view on climate change to the current orthodoxy, and condemns the media's ignorance of the Manhattan Declaration, signed by scientists attending a New York conference on climate change earlier this month.


ukipwebmaster said...

UKIP MEP Derek Clarke brings this up in Strasbourg here:

Mark Wadsworth said...

Excellent! Let the mugs go for the MMGW crap, whichever party goes for an 'Emperor's new clothes' strategy first is (hopefully) on to a winner. The People are far better and quicker at changing their minds than the politicos, so once the message seeps throught that the EU is crap, MMGW is a lie, high tax'n'spend is crap and so on, they'll flock to UKIP. Hopefully.

Gregg Beaman said...

By gum Mark, the emotion there almost registered on the Richter Scale!