Friday, March 28, 2008

Where is Newcastle?

It's quite incredible that the Department for Communities and Local Government doesn't seem to know the difference between Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Newcastle Staffordshire.

It transpires that this beacon of government excellence gave £2m of our taxes to Newcastle Borough Council by mistake, when it should have gone to Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council for encouraging local businesses. Quite why it should be rewarded in this way for doing its job is another issue.

The interesting finale to this fiasco is that the government is only asking for the return of £970,000 of the £2,000,000. So I wonder what has happened to Newcastle, Staffordsire's unexpected windfall of over £1m. And, if the government had informed Newcastle-upon-Tyne that it was due this £2m, why they didn't question its non-arrival.

Here's a tip for the civil servants. You can tell the difference by phoning the two councils, if the person answering the phone seems to be talking a long forgotten dialect of Swahili, that is Newcastle-upon-Tyne. If you don't need an interpreter that is Newcastle, Staffordshire.


T Bishop Finger said...

I'm suprised Civil Servants in Whitehall know anything else exists in Britain outside London.

Anonymous said...

Whay da ya meean bony lad abouut taking funny? It youss lot dune south what tallk funnny. Supping larger and poncy southern drinks. Ahwayy the lads and have another Newky Brun!

Gregg Beaman said...

I lke it Anon. And aren't we all the richer for the diversity? Viva 'tdifrance inny! (Is that right?).