Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oath of Allegiance

The proposed oaths of allegiance, suggested in a report by Lord Goldsmith, are just more patronising pap from our political masters who have spent years demolishing any sense of patriotism and national pride. Now, when they realise that people are slowly starting to wake up to the situation, they try and nationalise patriotism and force their form of it on us, whether we want it or not.

Personally I prefer the understated nature of our patriotism to the organised flag waving, and other overt demonstrations of pride in one's country that others display, but each to his own. After years of political correctness damning all things British does anybody actually believe that getting pupils to swear allegiance as they leave school is going to make any difference? Would a pupil, student or anybody else who supports a terrorist organisation refuse to swear the oath and say why? I doubt it, they would just go through the motions. This proposal won't do a single thing to turn empty words into a true feeling of patriotism.

Lord Goldsmith accepts that there is a "crisis of national identity" but will not accept that it was caused by people of his ilk in the political class in the first place. Perhaps the timing of this ludicrous posturing is designed to divert the minds of the simple from the Lisbon Treaty. Or am I being cynical?