Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Perils of Poetry Reading

Step forward Elizabeth Bailey, principal environmental health officer for East Cambridgeshire District Council. Now pelt the old bag with rotten eggs, tomatoes and rotting fish.

Here is the story of how this Hitler in skirts has banned a poetry reading group from holding readings in an Ely pub.

Here's what the bureaucratic bitch said:

"We have licences for all sorts of reasons - fire and police need to check it is safe - it is not just us being petty. There need to be certain checks in place."

And here's what the pub landlord had to say:

"It's trivial and pathetic. We've got a licence for 200 burly men to bounce around to whatever music they want, but not for a small number of quiet people to have a talk.

"When they give recitals it's not even amplified. They just get up and speak."

Ms Bailey should be immediately suspended, preferably from the same lamppost as Russell Brand.


Steve Allison (UKIP Councillor) said...

Just another example of the can't do that without the right paperwork jobs-worths and the "What is not allowed is forbidden" mind set that is now in place. This of course is the European way of maintaining petty control and the reason why you need a permit or a licence to do almost anything. The UK have always had the opposite approach of "what is not forbidden is allowed" which is why we take it so badly when idiots like this woman impose senseless restrictions on our freedom to act as we like provided we are not hurting anyone else.

Gregg Beaman said...

And I'll bet you see plenty of it as a councillor Steve.