Friday, November 07, 2008

Kenyan Obamas

Now, I don't want to sound churlish, but am I the only one who is tired of the race obsession surrounding Obama's victory? Yes he won, and won convincingly, but black people only seem to have voted for him because he is 'black' and white people only seem to have voted for him because they want to be seen to be progressive and cool. Witness the drooling over him on Question Time last night with Bonnie Greer almost weeping with emotion whenever she mentioned his name, and the other panellists not far behind.

If you were Obama's white family wouldn't you be a little pissed off to have been shunted into the background so utterly completely. He's black, don't mention the white mother any more than you mention Bob Marley's white grandfather. Oh yes, apart from when his white grandmother was dying and he could go for the sympathy vote.

To me Obama is a man whose mother was white and whose father was black, end of story. If a white man became leader of a black country you can bet the world wouldn't be drooling over him just becaue of his colour. And if his father was from Accrington I bet the people of Accrington wouldn't be carrying on like this.


T Bishop Finger said...

Too true, Gregg. But at least when the bubble bursts, probably when Sudan and Congo are being bombed to bits in the name of 'liberal' intervention, us unbelievers can have a good laugh at all the smug Obamamaniacs.

Lurch said...

Yeah, really sick of the hoo-hah because BO isn't 100% white.
Even Boris J wanted him to win just because he had a permatan.
He's a vile condescending, authoritarian, communist tosser. Regardless of his colour.
Freedom loving Americans, indeed freedom lovers across the world will regret the day this statist one world nutter was elected.

Gregg Beaman said...

And last night (Friday) I was red-carded from a concert by Mrs Beaman. We went to see two mountain people from Virginia playing banjo and fiddle. The gobby one started drooling over Obama as an intro. I murmured mild abuse and Mrs B suggested we leave, which we did during he second piece of music. You see I was once ejected from the Hammersmith Odeon (as was) for heckling Lou Reed when he was in his morbid death phase, about 1994/95.