Monday, November 03, 2008

Spiteful Britons

Tax exiles should not be called Brits
If Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 Championship the media will be full of headlines about a "Brit" winning something. But remember this, after being brought up and educated at the taxpayers' expense he went to live in Switzerland so that he did not have to become a taxpayer himself.

All tax exiles should be deprived of their British passports.
C S, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

How sad to read the letter above on Teletext. It just goes to show how petty minded and spiteful so many people are. No wonder NuLab is taking us back to the1970s, it seems like swathes of the population still have the small-minded spitefulness of
1970s style socialists. Or perhaps it's just Yorkshiremen.

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