Thursday, November 13, 2008

Health Fascists

This really has pissed me off. I heard about it yesterday when I had a break from grafting and was having a brew at a butty wagon.

When will people wake up to this creeping fascist state and actually do something rather than sit in the house or the pub whining. If I want to eat rabbit food I won't go to a roadside butty wagon or a greasy spoon. If the owners of aforementioned dining facilities want to start selling yoghurt and rabbit food then that's their decision.

What I hope one of them does is humanely put down the first environmental health/salad/yoghurt inspector who turns up at his establishment and proceed to spit roast him and serve him on burger buns with fried onions at £2-00 a time. I'll have some of that.

And if they insist on forcing butty wagons to sell stuff they were not invented for then why not force veggie cafes to serve me a nice rare sirloin or duck breast? After all who looks healthier to you, somebody who loves a full fried brekkie or a pasty faced, skinny, anaemic looking veggie?

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