Friday, August 13, 2010

Idiots and Nitwits!

This country looks increasingly beyond help. It is full of nobheads and titheads. Yet again Jeremy Clarkson is being used as a scapegoat.

It seems that Clarkson overturned a Reliant Robin a couple of times on Top Gear. Then some bloke had his Reliant Robin turned over a couple of times on his driveway. Immediately the bloke is in the press blaming Clarkson for his beloved three wheeler being turned over. Bollocks!!

Did Clarkson turn the three wheeler over? An easy thing to do by the way. No he didn't. Did Clarkson tell them to do it? To the best of my knowledge, no he didn't. Blame the jokers who did it, not poor old Clarkson.

What next? If I go out and slaughter a load of old people do I expect Harold Shipman to be blamed because I saw a programme about his activities? Do I blame watching The Sweeney for robbing a bank or kicking a villain in the nuts? No, course not, and Clarkson isn't to blame for a gang of jokers turning over a Reliant Robin.

Then I heard a complete prick on Radio 2 blaming us, the populace, for the latest tour company going bust. Obvious really, if we didn't want cheap holidays they wouldn't cut costs and end up broke. Twisted sodding logic that.

So if enough of us demand cheap Rolls Royces will they cut the prices, then a bit more, then a bit more until they go bust. No you dickhead, they won't. Instead we buy Reliant Robins. If you can't afford a month on Mustique you go to sodding Pontins in Filey for a week.

I'm sure a high proportioon of people in this country have their brains surgically removed at birth.

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