Friday, August 20, 2010

Legalising Drugs

Like armed forces personnel who open up about underfunding as they retire, Sir Ian Gilmour waited until retiring as President of the Royal College of Physicians to suggest that prohibition of drugs isn't working. He also suggested that an element of legalisation may prove more effective on a range of levels. But at least he's done it.

Now the government prove, once again, how stupid they are by threatening to refuse benefits for junkies who refuse treatment. So, are they more likely to say "oh, go on then I'll go cold turkey"? Or are they more likely to go and hold up the local corner shop to finance their next fix?

It doesn't take a genius to answer that one does it?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeedy. Citizen's Income and legalising & taxing (most) drugs is the way forward.

I don't like drugs any more than I like fox hunting, but the cost to me (however indirectly) of banning them is far higher than allowing people to get on with it.