Monday, August 02, 2010

This World Really Is Mad!

I hate DIY with a vengeance but, every now and then, my excuse to my beloved that I don't want to deprive a skilled worker of his livelihood doesn't pass muster and I just have to get on with it. This weekend was one such occasion, so I bought an electric screw driver.

All you have to do is stick one of two bits into it, like a drill, charge it up for six hours and off you go. Hours of fun. But no, this one came with three pages of instructions, a bit excessive I thought. But then I saw the seven pages of health and safety warnings. Yes, seven pages. But I suppose there are people out there who may decide to use it on their teeth or for scratching their testicles.

Coincidentally, nothing to do with incorrect use of electric screw driver on any part of my anatomy, I had to call into the doctor's surgery today. In the waiting room I saw a notice asking anybody wanting a chaperone when they see the doctor to speak to the receptionist. A sodding chaperone!

I can only conclude that it is for people who are terrified that they are going to be 'tampered with' if the doctor has to lay a finger on them, especially on their intimate parts. What a nation of mard arses we've become. Pretty soon we will need to have a third party present at every consultation, to protect the doctor against claims of sexual abuse, or just plain physical abuse.

What a mad, mad world.


Ray said...

Yeah but, if the chaperone is supplied by the surgery how can you trust them? They and the doctor might be in cahoots!

We need independent third party chaperones. Set up a committee and/or a QuANGO immediately.

Gregg said...

But the quango must include people of all backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities in order to ensure that chaperones are sensitive to all peoples' sensitivities, be it religious, cultural, food fads or whatever.

And of course those on the quango must visit places where they can see similar systems in operation such as, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Monaco, the Seychelles. If these places don't have them the they must visit anyway to see how poor the service is without a chaperone system.

Steve Allison said...

I think you are onto something here. The lack of a Chaperone Vetting and Registration Board is obviously as major weakness in our society's arsenal of weapons necessary to protect the weak and helpless from being preyed upon by exploitative running dogs who bark on the command of their imperialistic, capitalist masters.

Everyone who loves freedom should campaign for this board to be set up. We need CRB Checks, DNA Screens and of course a holographic Chaperone ID Card linked to a national data base.

Without such things freedom cannot be protected! See you on the barricades Comrade!

Gregg said...

Come on comrade, it's not just the weak and helpless, we all need protecting, if only from ourselves!