Sunday, August 08, 2010

We, the English, are Racists!

I read the Sunday Times, but don't know for how much longer; it's fast becoming yet another of the things that makes me very angry. Today it was the turn of patronising pinko liberal nerd David James Smith in an article entitled 'England's Green and Prejudiced Land'. The biggest pile of self-obsessed politically correct bollocks I've read in a very long time.

You see Mr Smith is maried to a black woman, and sees racism in everything, especially when he moves from Fulham to Lewes in Sussex. The fact that two women in Lewes told his wife there was no racism in Lewes was evidence of their truly remarkable ignorance, according to Smith, because racism is obviously everywhere in England.

According to Smith the fact that there are are so few other black people in Lewes is evidence that the place is racist. As is the fact that his wife was greeted in the street by people she didn't know, proof that she stood out because she was black. Well, she would stick out, as I probably would on the streets of Nairobi. Whereas I would see that as the locals being friendly, Smith wants it to be racist, because he decided that England,especially Lewes it seems, is racist, and went out to prove himself right.

But the worst act of vile, evil racism was a young child saying that his son, of mixed race, had big nostrils. What an evil racist child he must be to say that. Actually I think the child was just being a child, honest to the point of brutality. You see children tell it as it is, absolutely straight. When a 'grown up' can misconstrue that as 'racist' I think it says more about Smith and his ilk than it does about the child or the level of racism in England.

But the most evil thing about his time in Lewes was having to live next door to a 'neo-Nazi'. Some time after he had moved he found that the first next door neighbour he had in Lewes was a BNP member. Did the man do wicked things to Smith and his family? Did he send them threats or throw bricks through their windows? No, he was a bit quiet and surly. Smith only found out he was BNP when their membership list was leaked on the internet, a long, long time after he and his family had moved.

But what really pissed me off was this line:

Lewes is a genteel town for liberals and libertarians on the edge of the South Downs.......

I am Chairman of the Libertarian Party, have many libertarian friends, and have yet to find a single libertarian to be racist. So why does Smith use that line in his ignorant and bigoted article smearing us all, you, me and every other Englishman, as prejudiced I wonder?

Of course racism exists, but articles such as this one merely anger those of us who oppose racists as well as opposing those who see racism around every corner, where it doesn't actually exist. Sadly, Mr Smith and his kind fuel the BNP.

Mr Smith is the true bigot, riddled with prejudice and self-obsession.


T Bishop Finger said...

Great post, Gregg. I've given up on the mainstream/controlled Press. All the best news and opinion is online now.

Gregg said...

Ta, the bastard really pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Hard to read the Sunday Times lately. Smith chooses the lazist ways to delineate his own superior sense of morality. His writing only serves to add to Britain's fractious paranoia. A teacher isn't being racist when she points out the abundant, beautiful 'frizz' of Afro hair after swimming. Nor is a child racist when he blurts out that a dual heritage child has wider nostrils than his own. The shame is, toxic racism exists - this sanctimonious fluff only helps to obscure it.

Gregg said...

Exactly Anon. To me people like Smith are the opposite side of the same racist coin. In their rush to get a warm self-righteous glow they undermine those who are instinctively averse to racism. They are as much a part of he problem as the BNP.

TheSundayTimes said...

This is the Sunday Times commenting. David James Smith discussed racism in England in his article in the Sunday Times recently, England’s green and prejudiced land. David will be on live chat tomorrow from 1pm to answer any queries and comments you may have about racism in England. Readers can contact him via this webpage:

and the original article can be found here:

Gregg said...

To the Anonymous who sent the comment today (9 Nov)at 13 20pm, it wasn't very smart. But you can try and justify your comments to the police, who now have your details.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I've posted on the latest meeting between David James Smith and some critics here