Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And Finally......

I wish we'd stayed in France for a few more weeks, the news is so bloody boring. I am now making my last post on the tedious Murdoch affair, then I will never mention it again. Well, until the enquiries are over and charges are made against individuals that is.

The public seem to barely give a toss about all this nonsense other than, like most of us, wanting to see those who broke the law brought to book. But the whole circus seems to be a bunch of media muppets, politicians and a few politicos on Twitter who think they're are playing with the big boys, with bugger all better to do. Real people seem to be more worried about the weather, bins being emptied, or not, unemployment, the EU bleeding us dry and other real world events.

Of course the media, the BBC especially, have been in a self-righteous feeding frenzy. Like sharks they scent the blood of a weakened enemy and are enjoying every minute. Let's face it, a state monopoly like the BBC would love to see private rivals kicked into touch, hence that corporation's unhealthy obsession with its biggest rival's current difficulties.

The politicians see it as a chance to kick a media mogul who has used them mercilessly, recognising them for the media whores and political prostitutes they are. Their high dudgeon is the guilty conscience of a group of vain, incompetent unprincipled pigs trying to cover their collective tracks with fits of self-righteous indignation. An age old tactic.

The performance of the idiot MPs on the committee yesterday, when questioning the Murdochs, managed to make the Murdochs look like the victims. The MPs on the committee looked, almost without exception, like a bunch of smug, third rate, sleazy private eyes posing and preening in their opportunity for the limelight and five minutes of fame. Nothing new there then.

I'm ever more convinced that the whole fuss is the state, backed up by the establishment, venting their fury on an organisation trying to break the state monopoly on snooping on the rest us.

That last bit is tongue in cheek. I think.

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