Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chris Huhne, Another Lib Dem Buffoon

Having not read a British newspaper for a fortnight while in France I saw a headline, while catching up on events, that didn't surprise me. It was "Chris Huhne Denies Energy Bill Claim". Oh no, I thought, he was accused of getting his wife to take his penalty points on her driving licence before we went away, then he was accused of dodgy election expense claims. Now this!

But no, the real shock turned out to be that the clown is still Energy Secretary, and it was a reference to the UK's energy costs rather than Huhne blaming his wife for diddling the gas/electric meter at chez Huhne.

I suppose one good thing with the Coalition is the constant laughs we get at the expense of the Lib Dems. Shame there'll be none left to laugh at after the next general election. This year the good people of Lancaster wiped the Lib Dems from our council chamber, soon the British people will be able to wipe them out of parliament.

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