Saturday, July 30, 2011

Interfering Busybodies-Road Peace

It sometimes feels like we're moving towards a real DDR style Stalinist state in this country. A state where the people spy and hector each other in addition to an overbearing and nannying state.

We have the police driving around with telephone numbers on their cars so that you can inform on somebody confidentially. Also known as grassing. Maybe in extreme circumstances that's ok, but I am extremely uneasy with anonymous information being acted upon by the police or anybody in authority.

Then you have the mithering busybody organisations like ASH. A group of militant anti-smokers campaigning to have smokers strung up from lampposts then flogged to death by the offended populace. Well, not quite, but why do they feel the need to badger and mither people who do something that they choose not to. I think jogging is the most hideous form of self-flagellation and probably costs the NHS a fortune in treating related injuries and heart attacks, but I wouldn't dream of campaigning against it. God made us able to run so that we could leg it from danger, not so that we can wheeze around town looking fit to collapse in the most appalling clothing ever seen on man.

Then in the last couple of days there has been a bit of a fuss about drivers being still on the road having passed the 12 penalty point mark that usually means a ban. My mind works such that when I heard about a man still on the road with 30 points on his licence I thought "wow, nice one, I'll have to find out how he managed that". It seems others got angry and want him stringing up from a lamppost and flogged to death too. Why? They don't know what he accumulated those points for. I very much doubt he mowed down a whole classroom of kids on a pedestrian crossing while speeding having drunk fifteen pints. I imagine he would have been banned then.

Maybe like me, he'd been caught a few times doing 80mph on a desserted motorway at 2-00 in the morning. Would you really want a man to lose his licence and his job for that? Maybe putting him on the dole with a wife and two kids to support? I have only caused one accident on the roads and that was when I had no points on my licence. In the '90s I got up to 9 points at one stage but didn't have a single accident. There's not necessarily a corellation between points and bad driving.

So I would like to warn you about a bunch of interfering misfits called Road Peace. A bunch of emotional incontinents who want to string up motorists. They have a picture of a child's empty bed on their website, complete with bereaved teddy bear on pillow, to show how very 'caring' they are. They may as well just write 'motorists kill children but we love children'. The worst and most sickening kind of hypocrisy and stinking bad taste, using dead children for the purpose of emotional blackmail.

Their contribution to real road safety is zero, and I would urge people not to donate to them. Starving them of funds will metaphorically string them up from a lamppost, and hopefully finish them off. We have more than enough badgering from the state, the police, traffic wardens, yellow lines and more. We don't need emotional retards like Road Peace mithering us too.

I think they've modelled themselves on the Stasi.


Left-footer said...

Another angry Catholic - join the club! Excellent.

Gregg said...

Oh yes. Just when the anger subsides up pops someone, or something, to really anger me.

Greg_L-W. said...


starving Road Peace will almost certainly lead to them being eligible for an EU grant based on undermining British values and self determination - both anaethmetic to the apparatchiks and parasites of central government!.