Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miliband, Murdoch And Other Misfits

While on holiday I'd forgotten quite how pathetic our politicians really are. Since returning I've been left in no doubt. The Murdoch affair seems to me to be the political class wanting to pass the blame for their own faults and sleaze onto Murdoch's business empire.

I've heard fourth rate Labour MP Chrtis Bryant whining about how angry the electorate are about Murdoch. Really? Since we got back from holiday on Thursday not a single person we've spoken to has even mentioned it. The people really consumed by the affair, it seems to me, are the BBC and clowns like Gordon Brown, Miliband and the bizarre Chris Bryant. Interestingly a couple of people, when we have raised the issue, have asked if it was a Murdoch paper that exposed Chris Bryant MP as a poof who had sent pictures of his crotch in a pair of skimpy trollies to a gay website. It was actually, it was the Sun. It's worth looking at this information about Bryant and dodgy expenses claims too. Axe to grind?

Miliband seems to be saying that Murdoch needs reigning in because of his influence on British public life. Oh, really? Shouldn't it be the stinking politicians who seem to ask how high when Murdoch says jump who should be reigned in? You know, the politicians who say one thing and do another. The politicians who enjoy all the perks of the job, at our expense, but still fiddle their expenses to have the moat cleaned or a house built for their ducks. Or get porn and dodgy satellite subscriptions (wonder if it was Sky?) then claim on their expenses. The MPs who go grovelling onto the yachts of the rich and powerful when the rich and powerful click their fingers.

Don't blame the British public Miliband, you are part of the establishment that we hold in such contempt. You are the ones easily seduced by people with a bit of influence and a big bank balance, not us.


Anonymous said...

Our National Socialists will want Wikipedia closed down next.

They never learn.

Laura Walsh said...

"The Murdoch affair seems to me to be the political class wanting to pass the blame for their own faults and sleaze onto Murdoch's business empire." You're right. It really is time now for David Cameron as the head of that political class to go.

Gregg said...

I agree with both comments, thanks for contributing.

The problem now is that thanks to Tory and Labour sleaze, the Lib Dems are worse in a different way, decent people seem to be rarely attracted into politics any longer.

The big question is how we clear out the current political class and attract people of principle. Maybe, after more than 35 years in politics I'm cynical but I see no light at the end of the tunnel.