Friday, July 22, 2011

For Lib Dems Everywhere-Boys Don't Cry (Unless They're Lib Dems)

Some time ago I had a pop at the Lib Dems and a couple of their mardy boys got all upset and whinged at me. So I posted Boys Don't Cry by The Cure. Sadly Blogger went down and it disappeared, never to be seen again. A few days ago somebody asked me about the Gradwells and that particular post, so I thought, as it's Friday, I'd treat you to a great song.

To Lib Dems everywhere, I give you Boys Don't Cry (Unless They're Lib Dems) :


e.f. bartlam said...

Isn't this what got you trouble with somebody's big brother?


Gregg said...

That's the one Erik. Thought it was time to poke them with a stick again.