Friday, July 15, 2011

Rupert Murdoch-The Mass Baby Murderer

We got back to the UK yesterday after three weeks in France to be greeted by the dulcit tones of George Galloway on BBC Radio2. There must be something being blown out of all proportion if the BBC has that particular verbal diarrhoea suffering Scotsman on it's programmes. If you want a massive over-reaction to any current event, an over-reaction that is blown out of all proportion then call George.

It became obvious as Galloway ranted and raved that Rupert Murdoch had been accused of mass murder while we had been swanning around France. I feared, judging from his emotional and ranting performance, that Murdoch had been slaughtering babies by the million and either burying them in mass graves, or eating them. Good God, what a world we live in!

Then I heard the sactimonious tones of Tony Blair, whoops, sorry, it just sounded like Blair, it was actually Nick Clegg, far more sanctimonious and false than even Blair ever managed. He was rabbiting on about Murdoch too.

Then up popped what sounded like a nasally challenged computer geek claiming that Murdoch had to be stopped so that the British press could be liberated and become free again. It wasn't a geek, it just sounded like one. It was actually Ed Milibandroid. Surely his mass murders should be investigated first. Milibandroid just doesn't get it! Actually Ed, we do have a free press. Maybe he's never read the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent, the Observer, the Mail, the Express, the Mirror, the Star.

Then I thought it must be some kind of new satirical show when somebody impersonating John Prescott popped up, mangling the English language in a way that even Prescott couldn't manage. But no, it was Prescott, his grasp of English seems to be worsening with age. He claimed 'the public opinion' had been against Murdoch for years and years and Murdoch is only interested in making money. Unlike Prescott who I assume has always kept the equivalent of the minimum wage and donated the rest of his cash from pay, perks, books and advertising to worthy causes. So the public show how much they hate Murdoch by buying his newspapers and satellite dishes by the million eh John?

Murdoch is obviously out to make money, why else do most of us bother working? But if he is only interested in cash why has he pumped millions each year into keeping The Times going when, left to true market forces, it should have closed years ago? He did it because he is a newspaperman and, regardless of what a bastard he may be, he has preserved, with hard cash, a newspaper that is a great part of our history and culture.

But more worrying is the feeding frenzy of the stinking hypocrites in Westminster. We heard arch prick Vince Cable declaring war on Murdoch a few months ago, they all seem to be jumping on the badwagon now. Politicians should back off and let the law take its course. If the illegal acts alleged to have been carried out by staff at the News Corporation are proven then let those guilty face the full force of the law, whether that be a junior reporter in Wapping or Rupert Murdoch and his son. Until then the politicians should back off. I have no strong views on Murdoch either way, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty. Far worse than a dodgy newspaper owner is politicians deciding who should or should not own newspapers.

And to all the holier than thou currently behaving as if Murdoch is a mass child murderer, have you ever bought a Murdoch newspaper? Have you ever subscribed to Sky? Have you ever watched your favourite team on Sky in a pub? If so, you have lined the pockets of Murdoch and are therefore a hypocrite.

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