Thursday, September 01, 2011

Beauty In A Mad, Sad, Grey World

Increasingly I can't see Europe as anything but a giant Eastbourne, God's waiting room on a continental scale. It's grey and bland, epitomised by the EU President van Rompuy, probably the most bland, colourless and tedious nonentity of a politician that the world has ever seen. He is ably supported by Baroness Ashton the most boring woman to emerge from the Labour ranks since..., since..., well since every other female Labour politician.

The Eurofanatics think all we have to do is pour more money we haven't got into the EU black hole and Europe will rule the world again. Well we won't. We're knackered and the EU is just a huge bureaucratic slag heap that holds those economies that could rebuild back.

We used to hear about 'ethical foreign policy'. Well I don't think bombing the crap out of anybody we happen to dislike is particularly ethical. I can only assume that Blair, Cameron and our other bland politicos have no problem with nutters like Mugabe or the loonies who slaughtered a few million in Rwanda. Or maybe they think it's OK for them because they think that's what black Africans do to each other.

It's perhaps a sign of the times that if you Google Zimbabwe the biggest concern at the moment seems to be the slaughter of elephants and rhinos rather than humans. A bit like the vile hatred being currently directed at Nadine Dorries for having the temerity to suggest that independent counselling for pregnant women, rather than counselling by abortion clinics, could be helpful. I dread to think what kind of hatred somebody with her profile would attract if, like me, she opposed any form of abortion. It seems in our glorious secular society respecting human life makes you a dangerous fanatic in the eyes of the truly 'liberated'.

Then you look at the UK government. Are Cameron and Clegg really the best we've got? If so then we are even deeper in the shit than I feared. Where are the big ideas? Where are the imaginative policies? Where's the vision?

That's why I'm finding it increasingly difficult to blog. All there is in the news is Libya and the 'Arab Spring', which seems to me to be one bunch of nutters ousting another bunch of nutters. We've predictably achieved sweet Felicity Arkwright in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I suspect our grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be wondering how come the Middle East is so full of nutters when Gadaffi, Mubarak and Assad are footnotes in history.

But in a sea of madness I've discovered a vessel of beauty and sanity. I was looking on YouTube for Heavenly Arms from Lou Reed's Blue Mask album. But I found an even better version than the original. A real joy to behold by El Perro del Mar:


Sean O'Hare said...


Can't really appreciate your taste in music, but the sentiments in the post are spot on.

Gregg said...

Shame but that's probably the way round I'd prefer Sean.

Musical taste is very strange, my wife hates my music with a vengeance. She's more into Mama Cass, Eva Cassidy and the like. You've got an idea where my tastes lie. I'm an ageing punk.