Monday, September 19, 2011

It's A Mad World

I was at the SPUC national conference this weekend, an island of sanity in a sea of madness. If you don't know SPUC is a campaigning organisation trying to save human beings from abortion and euthanasia. It's a sad sign of the moral collapse in this country that 200,000 unborn babies a year are being aborted. What other animal on this planet slaughters its own infants?

As if the slaughter of innocents wasn't bad enough, if you survive through to birth the merchants of death are now trying to move in on you in later years, especially if you become a drain on our glorious NHS by being ill. This type of slaughter is known as euthanasia or assisted suicide. There is a worrying number of groups popping up who seem to think that the old, infirm or plain fed up should be given a quick injection and got rid of. When did human life become so worthless to these people? I doubt that slaughtering the sick to free up hospital beds was in the thoughts of the founders of the NHS, but this is 21st century Britain.

Then a few days ago I read that Labour peer Robert Winston had been attacked as a racist for questioning the use of doctors and nurses in the NHS who can't speak English. I would have thought communicating with patients was the most fundamental thing in dealing with people who are ill. If he'd claimed that all black doctors are useless then he could reasonably be accused of racism, but calling for health professionals to speak English? Of course the European Union won't allow us to test either the language or professional competence of doctors and nurses from within the EU because it puts the furtherance of its warped political ambition before human life.

Then there is the ludicrous waste of millions on the illegal gypsy site in Essex. The site should have been cleared years ago when it was illegally occupied. Listening to the media it seems that most of the people are Irish, certainly I've only heard Irish accents when residents of the site have been interviewed. It seems that Ireland has sorted its gypsy problem by exporting it to here. Remember Sangatte?

Then the UN have been sticking their noses in by claming we are trampling on the rights of the gypsies by clearing them from their illegal site. When I heard that gypsies on several legal sites in the UK had been imprisoning slaves I waited to hear the UN condemn them. I'm still waiting.

It truly is a mad world.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Gregg very strong language indeed from you today? Observation not a criticism as hate those that sit on the fence!!

Slaughter a very strong word to use in regards to abortion? Maybe if there was more understanding and support women would not need to have abortions??

I chose to have a baby aged 16 but I know many of my peers who had abortions yet others in the church who were against abortion looked down their noses at me? Not that I am saying you should be un wed and pregnant aged 16!!

I do not have issues with travellers. I do however have issues with people that call themselves travellers and never travel?


Gregg said...

I agree and one of the great things that SPUC does, that rarely gets publicity, is support women who have had an abortion and are suffering emotionally and psychologically as a result.

I don't have a problem with gypsies either, we had lots at my junior school who were living on the waste land where old houses were demolished in the late 6os early 70s. Don't know about you but part of me quite envies their lifestyle.