Monday, September 26, 2011

Kicking Christians Again-Mike Weatherley MP

Mike Weatherley, so-called Conservative MP for Hove, has written to David Cameron demanding that Christian churches be forced to marry gay people when the Coalition makes gay marriages legal. Yet another assault on religious freedom in this country.

We had Catholic adoption agencies having to close a few years ago under the last government, who refused to tolerate our views on adoption. It's interesting that if you go in one shop and they don't have what you want you just go to another one, the government doesn't force shops to all sell the same items. But now Catholic people who may want to put a child up for adoption probably won't because they don't want the child adopted by a gay couple.

How soon before churches are again forced underground as the state attacks our right to religious freedom? Was there really a change of government last year?


Anonymous said...

I seriously do hope that legislation is not forced upon the churches otherwise I might as well get divorced?

Am sure when I said obey and he worship it was a vowel between a man and a woman? If the church give into this then they devalue marriage


Gregg said...

Exactly Shelly. And I'm not coming from a raging anti-gay position. With churches and adoption agencies there is surely room for those who, like me, don't approve of gay adoption. There were already more than enough secular adoption agencies prepared to hand over kids to gay couples.

Catholic adoption agencies gave in and closed, if this mad idea sees the light of day the churches must fight.

Sean O'Hare said...


The RC church isn't the only Christian Church that has a problem with gay marriage. In fact most religions seem to have a problem with it. Could that be because it makes people cringe?

What I really don't understand is why gays feel the need to marry, especially in a church, when the legal and financial benfits are the same for a civil partnership.

Greg_L-W. said...


this is clearly a matter of freedom of choice and one man's views should not be forced upon another.

Clearly it is exactly the same as abortion and euthenasia where it is an obscenity to force one man's view upon another.

I totally endorse those who buy into one of the many gods available to practice their given superstitions, beliefs and rituals.

Just as those who reject these bronze age gods should be permitted to enjoy freedom of choice currently denied them with compulsory imposition of some people's fanciful beliefs upon others as with compulsory teachings in schools.

The state may deem it apposite that perverts can marry but that should not give the state the right to force such rituals on the various cults that practice marriages based on belief not law.


Gregg said...

I accept that Sean you are right, as are most other non-christian religions.

In my view the whole thing is part of the concerted effort to break down our whole civilisation. If you are religious these days you are classed as a nutter by the establishment and many others. But we have to 'respect and embrace' every nutcase and weirdo they want to put on a pedestal today.

Gregg said...

I have published your comment Greg to let people see for themselves what a twat you are. Now please piss off.