Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ethnic Cleansing In The UK?

According to the emotionally incontinent pinko-liberals gypsies are being ethnically cleansed in Essex. Essex, the new Rwanda/Kosovo/Romania. I first came across this on Twitter and thought it was just one mad loony Tweeting crap. I became slightly concerened when a Lib Dem member of the House of Lords retweeted the original without challenging the obvious nonsense of the claim.

If you don't know then an illegal gypsy site is soon to be cleared in Essex. They will be forced off the land and asked to move on. They will not be attacked in the middle of the night, their children bayonetted and their caravans torched. Nor will they be imprisoned in camps in the countryside to be systematically starved to death.

Now Vanessa Redgrave is fighting their corner, a sure sign that the gypsies are a lost cause and that evicting them is the right thing to do. Remember Vanessa Redgrave's Workers Revolutionary Party? The party that is widely believed to have received funding from Colonel Ghaddafi and still seems to support him. Another socialist lost cause.

But the worst thing is that those who claim that clearing an illegal gypsy camp is ethnic cleansing, are insulting in the most dire, amoral and irresponsible way, the true victims of ethnic cleansing in many parts of the world. They are belittling the vile actions of tyrants around the world in their ruish to attack anything that we in Brtitain do or believe in.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think I do not understand the link between Kosovo and Romania. What do you mean by that? Thank you in advans.

Gregg said...

Kosovo where ethnic Albanians forced the Serbs out and Romania where we are told gypsies are being ethnically cleansed.

Sean O'Hare said...

I had a bit of a Twitter spat with Old Holborn on this. His view seems to be that there shouldn't be any planning laws and anyone should be free to build whatever they like on land that they own. It seems that quite a few 'libertarians' are in agreement. He even demanded that I remove the "Libertarian" tag from my avatar which I refused to do.

My view is that if land is sold to you under a set of rules that prohibits its use for development then you have entered into a contract to that effect. By breaking that contract you forfeit your ownership as the contract becomes null and void.

Many planning rules are obviously petty beaurocracy, but the ones protecting rural England and green belt land are one that I fully support being a lover of the countryside.

It is also nodoubt true that many developers are able to obtain planning consent by bribing council officials. That is a reason for cracking down on corruption, rather than abandoning planning laws altogether. So yes a thorough shake up of planning laws would be welcome, but illiberal or not I can't support a free-for-all. In my mind destruction of the countryside is doing me and many others a lot of harm.

Gregg said...

Political theory has to influence the reality in my view Sean. I'm with you on this one.

I disagree with speed limits and yellow lines, but I know that without them some people would abuse the roads and make our life hell, which is how many laws originate.

How would a libertarian feel if neighbours on both sides gave their gardens over to families of gypsies to live on?

Anonymous said...

I have no strong views on travellers etc (I did think they travelled those hence the name). Laws are set down for us to abide by full stop whom ever you are no exceptions.

There are thousands of evictions every month but I do not see Activists outside all the Courts in the land?? We seem to be obsessed in this country helping the minority rather than the majority?


Gregg said...

Spot on ToryKitty, couldn't agree more.