Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cee Lo Green, John Lennon, Imagine

It's good to see Cee Lo Green upsetting the ageing hippies and misfits who think Lennon's nonsensical dirge Imagine is profound rather than the vaccuous tosh it actually is.

It seems that Green did a cover version and replaced the lyrics "and no religion too" with "and all religion's true". Of course the deadheads immediatly took to t'interweb to pour hatred and vitriol towards Green and religion. Not very "imagine all the people living life in peace" I'd say.

I suppose it was easy for Lennon to write and sing "imagine no possessions" while tickling the ivories in one of his multi-million pound apartments or mansions with his bank account bulging with enough cash to pay off the national debt of a reasonably sized developing country. His fans really need to get a grip.

In fact it's time music fans got a sense of reality full stop. It's the most free market, most capitalist industry on the planet. That's why mediocrities can make an absolute fortune and then spend their lives patronising us about poverty and how we need to do more for the poor of the world. That's you and me being lectured at by multi-millionaires like Bono, Geldoff and co. Get a grip!

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